In the EDM world, unreleased music remains one of the biggest plights. Some IDs and remixes heard during live sets or podcasts go unreleased forever, and fans eternally crave for high-quality downloads of tracks that essentially disappeared forever. Oliver Heldens, while a producer who sticks to his guns in releasing a slew of music, holds a few unreleased tracksto his name. These productions are more than likely suited for live performances exclusively, but EDM Tunes considered the realistic idea that Heldens may play these tracks during his upcoming bus tour.

Two remixes come into play, both unreleased likely for legal reasons. The first is a futuristic take on “Latch” by Disclosure, which dominated the dance music world in 2013 and 2014. (It has since been remade into a “Return of the Mack” remix, though we still prefer it was with “Latch.”) The second one is an unreleased Heldens ID, still yet to be released. The final tune that we still haven’t been able to find will be a Headhunterz and Heldens collab that we learned about back in late 2014, this one still has yet to surface. Perhaps due to both producers’ new directions?

Check out the unreleased Heldens tunes below:


Image via Rukes