KRNE has just joined forces with past Daruma contributor B. Lewis to create a wonderful, future bass original called “JumpKick.” Having worked with the likes of Teeko, Brasstracks and more in the past, B. Lewis’s talent comes as the perfect match for KRNE’s consistent and experimental ability. The result of their collaboration is a slow and vibe-heavy swayer, in perfect time for the weekend. It’s currently available for free download here.

A twisted, tonal swell leads the track off into a series of distant vocal cuts and arpeggiated trills, before soft hi hats climb towards the drop. Suddenly, wide synth wipes streak across the spectrum while a simple vocal melody plays on behind. New samples are introduced and removed during the second round, until a siren pushes toward the final drop. After a short delay and tom fill, the synths are double-timed and broken up.

Click here to download the track for free!