Throughout our last week of uploads on our SoundCloud page, we’ve been on a house and future bass rampage. Including a couple spectacular Your EDM Records releases, this week’s edition of our Conspectus series the recent best of those two genres. We’ll kick off with the absolute most gorgeous upload of the week, gill chang‘s melodic “neon,” a prime example of why we love future bass. The first Your EDM Records release of this edition is Trill Zilla and SJACKED‘s “Beat Go Down,” an extremely catchy and energized electro/bass house track, followed by a much deeper “Danger” by Bellizzi. Next up is the second Your EDM Records release, “Bubble Blower” from Fiasko Daniels‘ Phase One EP, a rather Far Too Loud-styled electro banger. We’ll close this week off with another heavy bass house track –this time from the tropical/electro house producer NURII– called “Simba.” Listen to the full edition below and make sure to support these upcoming talents with a follow!