In the grand online industry of social media, users may alternate between more than one account frequently. Many social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users with accounts connected together to switch between them interchangeably without forcing patrons to sign out and sign back in again. But one towering social media giant has just joined the soirée to make flipping between different accounts much easier.

The mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking app Instagram has just announced that they will allow users to change among the many accounts they have while keeping users from having to sign-in and sign-out over and over again. In a blog post, they made it abundantly clear how users can make a new account and switch between them as long as they belong to the same sign-in information. From being tested on iOS and Android for a few months, the feature has just been released to the public and allows users to switch between five accounts.

Although this new update may seem to be a novelty for casual Instagram users, social media managers who deal with updating different accounts on a daily basis can finally clench their hand into a fist and say “Yes!” to themselves as the stress of their jobs can be one step easier. There is even a culture of “finstagraming” or fake Instagramming where users create multiple accounts on Instagram where users end up posting more life-revealing photos on fake accounts over their real or main accounts.

Until the next big change in Instagram or any other social network shakes up the Internet, check out Instagram’s handy-dandy manual on managing different accounts here.


H/T: Ad Week