While they come from completely different musical worlds, Armin van Buuren and Hardwell were both bound to cross paths at some point, especially since they are some of the biggest musical exports from The Netherlands in the past decade. Their sounds have begun to converge, though, and the two even linked up to produce the collaborative track “Off The Hook” last year. Now, Hardwell once again takes a trip in Armin’s world, this time in Armin’s latest music video.

Armin’s track “Heading Up High,” the collaborative track with Kensington from his 2015 album Embrace, received a music video in an exclusive premiere with MTV today, and the video features a special appearance from Hardwell himself. The dystopian video follows a fairly generic plot, inter-cut with shots of Kensington performing the song, but seeing Armin as a participant in a jail break and Hardwell as a fist-pumping inmate is so cheesy it’s good.

Watch the “Heading Up High” music video below: