Techno and house superstar Huxley has brought his distinct sound to countries across the globe with his heavy productions and just as raucous DJ sets. Already counting an album, Essential Mix & prestigious Rinse FM show under his belt, the young producer has achieved quite a lot in such a short expanse of time.

His new record “Widow” continues to widen the sonic experience brought to the table; we can guarantee this is not like anything you’ve heard before. It was only right that we sat down with Huxley to talk about musical things. Read our exclusive interview below and grab the full EP via Aus Music here.


Let’s talk about your current 12″ “Widow”, released through Aus Music. What were some of the inspirations for this project?

I guess my main inspiration was trying to find my feet again. My album “Blurred” marked the end of an era for me, and I spent the next year trying to find my new sound, my new direction. I think I’m starting to find it, and as I get older I think I’m getting a lot darker and, to be honest, more serious. I think it’s a lot more techno focused, but it’s still me, and I’m not just trying to sound like the next man.

The title track is a kind of melting pot of UK music at the moment, infusing techno with garage. Do you think genres are become less relevant?

I’m not sure it’s really garage, it doesn’t have the swing a garage track has in my opinion, but that’s up to you to interpret it that way I suppose. I’m not sure about it sounding UK either. People just band anything with a heavier bassline as UK, I think that’s quite narrow minded really.

No Idea’s Original is the name of you’re newly founded label. In a world where it’s so easy for people in their bedrooms to set up a Soundcloud collective, how are you making it stand out from the rest?

I suppose that’s my point with the label, it is a record label releasing music, just like anyone else. Obviously it differs as it’s my taste in what I like that gets released, but it’s nothing new really. Just great, varied, house & techno. The only thing that’s a bit different I suppose is the plans we have with it for nights, merch etc., but even that’s not different; everyone does it these days. I want the label and the parties to be known to be quality shit that people want to check out and go to. That’s my aim, if I’m brutally honest. I’m not going to sit here and say it’s some innovative new thing or come up with some marketing bullshit. I just want NIO to stand for quality.

You kicked things off with a single from yourself and J.Philip. What names can we expect on the imprint?

We’ve got a load of newcomers, mixed with some hyped names and also a couple of legends lined up, but you’ll have to wait and see. Ones to look out for though are the Sage Caswell, Boxia, Pierre Codarin & Kalyde releases. They’re the next few anyway.

Rumour has it you have some huge remixes on the way. What do you have in your arsenal waiting to unleash onto the listeners?

Again, it’s no fun if it ain’t a surprise!

You recently announced a signing to a new booking agency. Does this mean more tours and international shows?

I’m already constantly touring really so the move was just to try something new and try to push into different areas. This year is all about positive moves. Sometimes a change can mix things up a bit and get you thinking in a different way. It’s important to not stagnate and get lazy. Something which is very easy to do in this business. I think it all links back to changing my sound as a producer and DJ as well.

You hold down a show on prestigious London radio station Rinse FM. How do you go about finding the music you want to play every time?

I don’t normally decide the final tracklisting until I’m literally just about to do the show, just in case something drops into my inbox, but it’s normally tracks I’ve been supporting for the last few months, or brand new shit I don’t get to play so much when I’m out. I like to have a broad spectrum from house to techno to whatever you want to call it. I like to maintain a level of eclecticness as that’s how I am in real life.

Finally what does Huxley have in store for 2016?

Quite a lot I can’t talk about (standard) and also remixes for Noir, Rejected, Moda Black, Tricky, Classic and a lot of new music too! I’m loving being in the studio right now. Also obviously more shows and shit. Hopefully people are feeling it!


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