Despite receiving mainstream recognition after his track “Harlem Shake” went viral, Baauer avoided selling out and has spent the past few years releasing a slow trickle of tracks and remixes. Turns out he’s kept himself busy by developing his debut album Aa, which he announced during a performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. With confirmed collaborations including FutureRustie, and Pusha-T, Baauer’s debut album is primed to bridge the gap between EDM, trap, and hip-hop, and his latest previewed track only confirms what’s to come.

Baauer performed at an Alexander Wang fashion show for New York Fashion Week, and during his set he previewed his new track “Temple,” which features MIA and G-Dragon. Neither collaborator is a stranger to working with electronic producers, with MIA working with Diplo and Korean pop star G-Dragon working with Skrillex, but the two continue to excel at singing over EDM production. According to Baauer, the fashion show cut version was edited down from the album cut, which will release soon.

Listen to a preview of “Temple” below: