Every year, Ultra Music Festival heralds in Miami Music Week with an iTunes playlist that spans several EDM genres, specifically crafted to prepare those who are attending the festival itself. Over the past couple years, these albums have mostly showcased mainstage headliners that were scheduled to grace Miami with their widely-acclaimed talents.

2016 has been especially focused toward the advancement and overall recognition of skillful sound design, regardless of an artist’s ability to garner radio plays or SoundCloud followers. With this ever-changing nature of EDM, Ultra has always been quick to adapt. This year’s incredibly diverse playlist is a perfect example of their knack for artistic talent, as they’ve integrated up-and-coming virtuosos with the classic, bass-pounding superstars.

ultra heart

The album opens with a powerful trio of anthems composed by the likes of Kygo, Carnage, and Deorro and Will Sparks. The playlist then takes a pleasantly surprising change of course, as it boasts a varied collection of raw talent highlighted by Louis The Child, Mako, and Filous. It seems like countless festivals worldwide are beginning to take an affinity towards rising producers, and I am sincerely overjoyed to see these versatile artists seize their chance in the limelight.

Check out some of these newly-lauded producers in Ultra’s 2016 iTunes playlist, as they are primed to capitalize on their first performance in the Miami spotlight. The album link can be reached here.