Though it seems only yesterday we were stowing our gear and cleaning off the dust from last year’s festival circuit, the 2016 season is already upon us: Serenity Gathering kicks things off this coming weekend!

With four days to explore the flood of music, art, food, and friendly faces about to sweep over the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, there will be plenty of time to experience the full extent of what this festival has to offer. And while we definitely recommend letting the sounds you hear and the vibes you feel guide you, it’s always nice to have a schedule on hand; especially with a lineup as expansive as this one. So, without further ado, we present to you the long-awaited Serenity Gathering time-slots:

Serenity16 Set Times

Like we said, lots to listen to, do, and see! And that’s not all: if you’re a Bay Area bass-head planning to attend the festival, you can get in the spirit early at the Santa Cruz pre-party tomorrow night. Hosted by Euphoric Styles, one of the gathering’s sponsors, both the vibes and the tunes will be on point all night. Mistress of all things glitch, CloZee, heads things up with support from Oakland’s Secret Recipe and some super talented locals. More details are below; we hope to see you on the dance floor, both here and at Serenity Gathering!