For a producer to share a “to do list” is nothing new – it’s a great way of showing fans what you’ve got done and what you’ve still got left to do. It’s perfect for teasing upcoming tracks or just creating buzz around your brand, in general.

The latest such list comes from Rob Swire of Pendulum and Knife Party. As we’ve reported on so fervently since its announcement, Pendulum is reuniting after a multi-year hiatus for a live show at Ultra Music Festival this coming Sunday. Swire and Gareth McGrillen broke off from the live drum & bass group to form the duo Knife Party which has enjoyed massive success. However, we’re more excited about one specific point on this to do list… see if you can spot it.

Yeah, it’s the “xxxxxxxxx remix” bit under the Pendulum heading. So the question now is, are we going to hear a new Pendulum remix at their Ultra set? Are we going to get an even bigger announcement on stage? Perhaps that even more new music is on the way? The possibilities are stacking up in our heads and we’re definitely ready for whatever they’re going to throw our way.