In a defining move, streaming service Apple Music has received a leg up on competitors. Following a newly formed partnership with Dubset Media Holdings, the service now has the ability to stream remixes, mash-ups and DJ mixes for the very first time.

Dubset is an organization involved with over 14,000 publishers and record labels, allowing their extensive roster of content to be utilized and streamed without fear of copyright-oriented consequences. The secret to this ability, however, rests with a form of technology called MixBank.

Using algorithms similar to those of Youtube and Soundcloud’s copyright detection service Zefr, MixBank scans remixed content with the intent of discovering the original rights holder. The company can locate the source, compensate them accordingly and even allow rights holders to limit the amount of times their material can be used in mixes.

This new partnership, some say, is a more effective alternative for remixers and DJs than Soundcloud’s highly controversial system. By giving rights holders more control over their work and allowing listeners to access previously forbidden content, the potential for an exodus across services is now in the balance.

So far, no word has been given as to the exact starting date for Apple’s inclusion of mixes on their service.


Source: The Verge