Zane Lowe just dropped the new collaboration between Jauz and Netsky titled “Higher,” and we’re not yet sure what to think. At first, the song comes as a bit of a departure from the styles of both artists – Netsky’s blistering drum & bass bravado is nowhere to be found, and Jauz’s characteristically frenetic synth leads are also noticeably absent. However, upon closer inspection, it’s not all that difficult to see how each artist has contributed their own flair to the piece.

The UK vibe on the track is easily heard right off the bat, characterized by innovative chord progressions and a distinct key signature. On the other hand, the bass house is right on the nose, taking the popular rising genre and giving it a unique twist in a new direction.

Some fans might be put off by the track at first, others will instantly fall in love with it; we urge you either way to soak it in and give it a shot.

The collab between Jauz and Eptic was also shared today on Spinnin’ Records’ Soundcloud, a strange platform for such an epic dubstep/bass tune. Eptic’s sound design is immediately recognizable, nearly overpowering any influence from the young shark. It is a collab, you must remember, so sometimes one artist’s sound is stronger than another’s.

That being said, the first half of the track definitely has a Los Angeles spirit to it. Check that one out below, the track is out April 1.