Yes, yes, I know, “Trap Queen” has been covered/remixed to death already. But listen to this.

Kasbo is a rising star in the future bass community – his sounds are expertly complex, nor are they so completely different from everyone else’s. No, Kasbo’s talent lies in his mastery of these sounds; you’ll be hard pressed to find many people who use them better than he does. After all, tools (synths, etc.) are only as useful as their users (producers).

This track is all about the live element, so the vocals are left pretty much intact for fans to sing along. Then you get the gut-wrenching bass notes and silky smooth synths that just melt your heart. Lido would probably play this live… yeah.

“Been playing this remix out for a while and it’s always one of the high points of my set. After having a lot of people ask for it I’ve decided to give it for free to you guys
hope u enjoy it xoxo”

– Kasbo

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