For anyone who isn’t familiar, the emerging powerhouse duo of Simen Eriksrud and Espen Berg, aka SEEB, are definitely artists to watch this year! Known best for their recent remix of Mike Posner’s “I took a Pill in Ibiza,” these cats are sitting comfy with the #1 spot on iTunes Dance charts, a Top 10 spot on the Global Spotify Chart, and are #1 on both the US and UK Shazam charts. Needless to say, their sound is capturing the interest of the world, and it’s no surprise why!

With their debut single, “Breathe,” this Norwegian pair has certainly raised the bar on a unique blend of sound. Melding a creative melody with layers of texture and instrumentals, they seem to have created a sub-genre that stands apart from anything on the charts right now. Opening with subtle guitar and haunting vocals by Neev, the track immediately begins incorporating a steady beat, its pulse building up a trance-like synth and ambiance. It then folds in a familiar trop-like snap, finally culminating in a euphoric, all out blissful drop. Its chorus sections are immediately recognizable as a Seeb signature, with their trademark vocal tweaks and melodic distortion. This stylized vocal element sets them apart from anything else you’re likely to hear right now, and is sure to serve as a vehicle propelling their music to the top! With its steady upbeat builds, trance-like vocals, and uplifting synth, this song will have you swept up in no time! If you haven’t checked it out, listen now!