Heads up, lovers of future funk and electro-soul; this one is most definitely for you. Seattle native,¬†Pilz Beats, is here with a brand new EP that will put a smile on even the most jaded of listener’s face.

Spanning seven tracks of laid-back, groovy goodness,¬†Lysergic Summer Depths is truly heartfelt music. It’s got that lush, summery vibe that just makes you want to go with the flow, like everything is indeed going to be alright. The subtle nuances of Pilz Beats’ production are undoubtedly a testament to the years he’s spent honing his sound; his effortless fusion of jazz, funk, and hip-hop invite serious Gramatik comparisons, while sprinklings of psychedelic glitch elements solidify his style as unique in his own right. Tunes like ‘I Want to go to Heaven (But I’m Scared to Fly)’ and ‘After Laughter’ feature deep, soulful vocal samples while others such as ‘Lovesketch’ and ‘As Time Beckons’ draw in the listener with undeniable melodic rhythms. In short, this is music that will make you melt.

Pilz Beats has released¬†Lysergic Summer Depths via the ever-forward thinking Street Ritual imprint and it can be purchased on the label’s Bandcamp. The full stream is below; make sure to pick up a copy if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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Pilz Beats -- Lysergic Summer Depths EP [Street Ritual]
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