During the past several months of his campaign, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has garnered the support and endorsement of many celebrities and important persons in entertainment. From Family Guy’s Seth Macfarlane to Sarah Silverman, Bernie has accumulated a small army of vocal and influential figures to help spread his message and gain voter dedication.

One man in particular, Killer Mike from hip hop duo Run The Jewels, has been a consistently reliable and active campaign associate. From one-on-one interviews to running the phone banks and introducing him at rallies, Killer Mike has remained one of the most knowledgeable and passionate contributors to Bernie’s still momentous effort.

But yesterday during Run The Jewels’ afternoon set, the two’s relationship was taken to the next level. Before the music began, a personal video message courtesy of Bernie himself was projected onto the stage’s screens. In the introductory announcement, Bernie addresses his respect and gratitude for Killer Mike’s friendship and dedication and expresses his hope of getting to know El-P better as the months go on.

Watch the videos below to witness history in the making.