It’s no surprise that Yultron, Ookay, Kayzo and Dotcom are besties. But honestly I don’t think we ever expected this to happen… but god am I happy it did.

There’s so much going on in just 2 minutes 36 seconds, it’s tough to really get a good bearing on what exactly you’re listening to. You’ve got Kayzo and Ookay, huge artists in their own circles, on a collab with Yultron who is rising in LA, and you’ve still got Dotcom to contend with.

The great thing is that if you know each artist, you can really pick out each of their contributions on the overall sound. You definitely start off with Yultron, move onto Ookay, then Kayzo, and finish off with Dotcom.

Hell, even the name of the track is a reference to how many people are on it!

Fans of each artist will be playing this nonstop, I guarantee it.

This single is off Yultron’s upcoming EP Sushi, Friends & Everything Awesome¬†dropping May 12th on Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes.