Holy bananas, it’s a big day, folks. Flinch is back.

Those who have been fans of SMOG Records and other LA-bass labels will recognize the name immediately. For those of you unaware, Flinch was once a figurehead int he LA dubstep and drum & bass circles, but has unfortunately fallen off the map somewhat.

This track on Buygore now signals his return. More than just a single, Flinch will be releasing a full EP on Buygore, Restless EP, out May 27th. “Whatcha Know About” is a melodic, futuristic take on bass music that blends a bunch of different styles into quite a unique piece. It’s nice to see that after all these years he hasn’t lost a step.

Spotify users download here: www.hive.co/l/uw33
Non-Spotify users download here: www.hive.co/l/uw54