Electronic Dance Music, both as a scene and movement, comprises some of the youngest and most technologically advanced verticals in the entire music industry. EDM’s intimate relationship with technology is no mere accident, either. The scene has embraced technology as an extension of artistic expression whether it be making music, performing live or creating a stage production spectacle.

The world has entered a technological renaissance as both hardware and software have advanced enough where their combined power has created a door to the future of technology. With this technology burst came drones and with drones came one of the most magnificent man made production spectacles the world has ever seen: synchronized drone fleets.

Throughout the entire industry, fireworks have long reigned king of the the sky when it came to stage and live productions. At almost every major music festival today you will experience some form of firework integration; but for how much longer?

Today, the massive light shows and visuals powering EDM festivals are the most advanced production lighting systems on the planet. These visual performances are tied directly into the DJ’s performance, responding in real time to the music. The symbiotic relationship created by fusing both music and visuals through technology has created the beautiful performances we enjoy today. However, this is where that integration ends. Although fireworks are controlled partially by programs, their ability to react and move with the music is severely limited, and in most cases, have to be planned out in advance.

By planning fireworks out in advance, the DJ is forced to stick to a strict timeline when performing to ensure the fireworks go off at the right moment. If fireworks were replaced by a fleet of synchronized drones, it would allow for the seamless integration needed to complete the final piece of the technological puzzle: aerial performances.

The EDM industry is the only scene in which a synchronized drone fleet could integrate to perfection in its current phase of development. Since the music is being created electronically, and is already woven into the visual performance, intergrating the fleet of drones to complete the triangle would be much easier than it would be for live instruments.