If you’re anywhere from a social drinker to a “pass me the absinthe now” bottle fiend, you’ve probably had at least one night where you took your limits and smashed them with a titanium hammer. Although most of us know how to pace ourselves when it comes to alcohol, it’s not uncommon to lose control of your inhibitions – especially at music festivals. That’s why BACtrack Skyn, a BAC-tracking wrist sensor, is so ideal for every rave squad.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recently held a contest for researchers to develop a wearable, real-time measuring device, and it’s easy to see why BACtrack Skyn won. Outfitted with a sleek metal design, the alcohol monitor really doesn’t look like it will be a hinderance at all. It efficiently measures your BAC as well, sending second-by-second updates of your drunken stupor to your cellphone. Honestly, how much easier could it be?

It’s pretty obvious that this will be a necessity for most festival-goers, as safety and personal health should always be the top priority. For a more extensive explanation of how the wrist-monitor works, check out the video below!