Still reeling from the release of his debut album, Kygo has treated fans to another heaping helping of emotive storytelling. The two videos intertwine and inform each other with alternate scenes, developing the story more so than we could imagine.

“I’m In Love” documents the soaring heights of love and anguish of heartbreak to the sweltering vocals of James Vincent McMorrow as we see flashbacks of a couple’s time together and apart. Kygo makes a cameo as the video follows the two lovers to one of his shows; however, the pensive couple seems to drift away from each other while everyone else dances in elation. Sure, most of it seems like relationship goals, but there’s an uncomfortable tone to the scenes until we the story sees the lovers reunite and affirm their dedication to one another.

“Raging” offers a much more visceral look at these two characters, deepening our understanding of what they’ve gone through together. From soccer matches on foreign streets to photographing protests, this unnamed couple has grown together in some serious ways, and Kodaline’s vocals provide the lens to view their ebbing experiences.

All set to the incredible production of Kygo, these heart-throbbing visual accompaniments are more than striking. Have a look below, and grab Cloud Nine on iTunes.