Last week, we asked you to channel your curiosity for everything Sam Feldt. With impeccable remixes and standout singles such as 2015’s “Show Me Love,” Sam Feldt has rapidly climbed the ranks to become one of dance music’s biggest influencers. Now, in partnership with AsQme, Your EDM bringing you the most intimate details of this rising Dutch deep house artist.

Following a colossal performance at NYC’s Webster Hall, Feldt has returned with all the answers to your most begging questions, including his understanding of producer nerdy-ness and how Twitter rivalries might all be scripted. Below are some of the highlights from this latest Q&A session, ranging from Feldt’s opinion on Avicii’s retirement and his respect for women in the music industry. We included some of our favorites below, but you can check out the full multi-part interview right here.

And don’t forget, Sam Feldt is still taking questions! Just click here and ask him what you’re dying to know.

1. Sam Feldt’s opinion on Avicii retiring from DJing

2. Sam Feldt on image and all DJs being nerds

3. Sam Feldt talks about the women he respects in the music industry

4. Sam Feldt on having few enemies and DJ rivalries being scripted

5. Sam Feldt on overplayed tracks

6. Sam Feldt on the time he put a clown suit on his rider