It’s been just a little over two months since Avicii announced his imminent retirement from touring and live shows. He’s been taking things pretty slow since then, playing at his booked gigs, and even cancelling some along the way. In fact, he hasn’t even released any music since Stories dropped last October… until today.

Feast your ears on “Back Where I Belong,” a collaboration between Avicii and childhood friend Otto Knows. This is actually the first and only track that has featured Avicii, so that’s a special moment for Otto, for sure. But listening to the lyrics in the track, it’s clear that this is about Avicii.

With lines like “I’ve been everywhere and nothing is new, I’ve done everything I’ve set out to do” and “now I’m back where I belong, I’ve finally made it home”, there’s a heavy feeling of introspection in this song.

Listen below.