A clear progression from the genius of “Lean On,” DJ Snake’s newest single is an elegant collection of sounds primed to turn your evening into a blissful night of body language.

As the third release from his forthcoming album, “Talk” is rich, seductive, and oh-so-spacious. Characteristic of Snake’s attention to detail and penchant for radio-ready anthems, this new release might very well might continue his platinum trend. And seeing as his past five singles have reached the acclaimed status, it’s not a far-off prediction.

To set the atmosphere, jovial marimbas breathe heavily against damp percussion, and a clever piano backing delivers a platform for George Maple’s heartfelt vocals. Despite his productions deviating further and further from his live show, we’ve got to admit the new DJ Snake is damn impressive. Have a listen below and let “Talk” melt away your woes.

The song is actually sort of a reimagination of George Maple’s “Talk Talk,” more of a DJ Snake cover than a completely original production. But we’re really not complaining, it still sounds awesome.