We live in an age when producers no longer need to drive miles out to top notch studios to create top notch productions. Through the power of the internet and communication, which has not only helped the EDM scene grow at an immense rate but also given us a wide array of collaborations for our listening pleasure, producers are able to collaborate from across the globe. Stabby & Adair have taken full advantage of what the internet has to offer, as they sat down on Skype to create a monster of a headbanger.

“City of Gods” opens up with wistful pluck-based lead synths typical of most bass-driven tracks. A dark foreshadowing of an insane drop joins the lead melody through the drum and snares. The buildup soon takes control of the track with the classic dubstep double kick and then it hits. As soon as the drop begins, aside from the inevitable madness the track is about to unleash, I can’t but help think of robotic barking dogs with laser shooting capabilities being released throughout the Earth via some sort of Alien invasion at the slightest sound of this wonderful creation. Unto that simple thought, I deem this track necessary for all packed festival bass tents and all crowded basement shows.

Headbangers go wild, listen to one of Stabby & Adair’s craziest productions yet!

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