Back in September, mysterious producer Lux.impala released his debut EP, a six-track work that displayed the true color and depth of his diverse range of creative ability. Ever since then, Lux.impala has continued to push out a consistent line of incredible and ever-evolving beats with a growing collection of collaborators, each inspiring him to explore new areas in the production spectrum.

This week, his growing base of fans was delighted to find four-track sophomore EP on their plates, featuring visceral work from artists Infuze, MYRNE and BaudHeavy Headed comes as an intimate and specially curated collection of songs, each unique and meaningful enough to earn a rightful spot on the small EP.

From the sounds of twisting metal and screeching lead synths to the tight percussion alignment and rumbling sub bass, Heavy Headed‘s natural habitat should be on a full-volume loudspeaker. Listen to the EP in full below, and scroll further down to download your copy.

Click here to grab a download to the full EP now!