Critics of Monstercat will often nitpick at a certain “formula” that the label carries. Those critics are right, but only to an extent. In Monstercat 026 and 027, we saw a number of artists really breaking the mold. One of those artists was Loosid, who made a serious impression on the label with their Monstercat debut “Clouds.”

When “Clouds” released, I praised the track for its heavy experimentation and combination of styles. Well, needless to say, “Talisman” – the artist’s newest single – is even more out-there than the previous. A main takeaway from this track is its drop, which centered around a very wacky vocal sample, which somehow combines with a more club-oriented bassline to create a hard-hitting deep house jam.

Aside from its wonky drop, Loosid showcases some clever use of both acoustic and electric guitar throughout the track, especially at the end. The vocals on “Talisman” were done by Raycee Jones (who was featured on “Clouds” as well) and Lyon Hart (a vocalist best known for his collaboration with Elephante, “Shake the Earth”).

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