This country is still trying to make heads or tails of the tragedy last night at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, in which 50 were killed in what is now the most deadly mass shooting in American history. Friends and family are likely still trying to contact loved ones, though hopefully by now, most have reported their safety.

Two individuals in particular likely owe their lives to Ray Rivera, a.k.a. DJ Infinite, the performer at Pulse the night of the shooting. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Rivera recounts the harrowing scene that unfolded while he played music for the jovial crowd.

Rivera says when the gunshots first started, he thought they were firecrackers, or some other less-harmful incendiary device. “I turned the music down, and heard some more [pops]. I turned the music off.” Then the screaming and chaos began, writes Daily Beast, as hundreds of victims and bystanders flooded into the patio area where Rivera was performing.

“I ducked behind my DJ booth,” Rivera said. “People were running from the main room, out to the patio, which leads into the parking lot… It emptied out quickly. Basically everybody was just panicking… I looked inside and saw people were laying on the floor in the main club.”

In the chaos, a man and a woman joined him behind the DJ booth. The man made a break for the exit himself, after which Rivera helped the woman escape.

“It’s just one of those things, man,” he said. “I never imagined I would be at anything like this. It was so terrible.”

Official GoFund Me For Victims

Official Victims List As Next Of Kin Are Notified

If you are missing any friends or family that might have been at the Pulse Call this number: 407-246-4357

There is a shortage of Blood, especially O negative, O Positive, and AB Plasma.

Some centers have asked for people to come throughout the week, since supplies are running out.