Dubstep-producer Twine just the other day wrote on his personal Facebook page, “Anytime I speak out I get hit with the “stay out of politics and stick to music” response… Since when did music disqualify me from talking about things that are destroying this country???”

It’s true that dance music fans often see this community as an escape, a place to go and be involved in that is outside from the everyday terrors and hindrances of the “real world,” as it were. However, when these kinds of events happen, shutting yourself in a hole and acting like an ostrich with its head in the sand is neither productive nor realistic.

Many of these artists take their roles as influencers and such with extreme seriousness, including, as we’ve seen so many times before, Krewella. The Yousaf sisters are involved in a variety of charitable organizations including Electric Family and Dance For Paralysis, and they just played a free show in LA this past weekend for Pride Week.

Jahan just posted a message to her followers on Tumblr regarding all of the terrible events that have gone on over the past weekend. While Krewella may be constantly maligned and scrutinized on social media, for whatever reason, the fact remains that reasonable speech and opinions can come from anywhere.


Official GoFund Me For Victims

Official Victims List As Next Of Kin Are Notified

If you are missing any friends or family that might have been at the Pulse Call this number: 407-246-4357

There is a shortage of Blood, especially O negative, O Positive, and AB Plasma.

Some centers have asked for people to come throughout the week, since supplies are running out.

Image via Visible Noise