Earlier this spring, Bassnectar received the shock of a lifetime when he found out he was diagnosed with skin cancer “about an inch under my left eye,” in his own words. Last week, Bassnectar went under for surgery and yesterday we were glad to hear that the surgery went off without a hitch and that he was now 100% cancer free.

Following that, Lorin took the time to thank his friends, family, surgeons, and more for support in a long, heartfelt Facebook post from his account. I couldn’t do the man any justice by just picking out fragments from his words so you should check out the entire post below.

We’re excited to hear that Bassnectar will soon be back to 100% (as soon as the anaesthetics wear off at least) and we can’t wait to see him touring on the summer festival circuit again!


H/T: Bassnectar