Between her Flume fandom and collaboration with DisclosureLorde has been diving into some serious EDM crossover. Now, the young pop star has reached out to rising dance producer EDEN, with some risqué pillow talk.

Okay, so it’s not pillow talk, but it took us a minute to realize Lorde was talking about a song. It’s still an unexpected comment, and for her to reach out in such a way says a lot about this rising talent.

If you haven’t heard EDEN’s “Sex,” you’re missing out on a joyous production. Taking a page from Adam Lambert’s “What Do You Want From Me,” the guitar riff alone is enough to get your loins goin’. While it’s definitely filled with some angsty teenage vibes, “Sex” is executed with an exquisite touch, and we can completely understand why Lorde’s into it.


H/T Reddit