At this year’s Burning Man, the keys to one of the event’s most beloved art cars might be changing hands. The Scorpion, who’s capacity to party is matched only by a select few, is up for sale on Ebay Motors.

Though the behemoth is not street legal in the slightest, with its 16 arms and over 80 gallons of flammables to fuel its pyrotechnics, it can be transported via semi, as it has every year to the Burn since 2011. Even though it takes six people a day to set up, the lucky buyer of this one-of-a-kind vehicle can get a lesson on the entire assembly and disassembly at this year’s Burning Man.


Its lead designer, Kirk Jellum, made the beast an exact replica of a female emperor scorpion, and required over $220,000 of funding to come to life. Bidding for the Scorpion starts at $50,000.

“Owning and driving the Scorpion has changed our lives in ways we never anticipated. It has opened doors, drawn in fascinating people, and made us feel things we’ve never felt. It has truly been one of the highlights of our lives.”


H/T Ebay Motor