Attendee safety at music festivals has always been a top priority for organizers, but years ago, lawmakers enacted a piece of legislation that has made it unbearably hard to keep people safe.. DanceSafe, a volunteer-based organization that offers multiple services to prevent dehydration and drug overdose, is currently incapable of appearing at numerous festivals due to the 2002 RAVE Act Рwhich was written by then-Senator Joe Biden. Now titled the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act, the bill contains inherently vague language that prohibits drug tests to be publicly sponsored by festival organizers.

Along with free water and earplugs, DanceSafe provides on-site drug tests and educational material so you can be 100 percent sure you are taking pure, untainted substances. Pretending like the drug phenomenon doesn’t exist isn’t going to make them go away, so why not allow free drug tests to minimize the death toll at music festivals? Adopting this mindset certainly could have saved Megan Tilton, who overdosed after taking “tainted ecstasy” at the Free Press Summer Festival almost two weeks ago, and many more since then.

Help DanceSafe by signing their petition to amend the RAVE Act. The link can be found here, and you can learn more about their campaign here.