Newly founded organization People Against Wack DJs (P.A.W.D.) has just created an online petition in an effort to blacklist duo Hippie Sabotage from all future venues and festivals following their fight with security at What The Festival.

With nearly 200 signatures as of 12 p.m. PST, the petition cites the duo’s disrespect toward their fans and staff as the reason for its creation.

Read the full description below, and click here to add your signature to the list.

“The DJ duo Hippie Sabotage proved to the world that they are pathetic human garbage when they chose to destroy equipment and assault the security staff at What The Festival 2016. Their blatant disrespect, not only for their employers, but also for the fans that paid to see them, shows that they have no place on a public stage.

“By blacklisting these awful excuses for artists, we can do the world a favor and make sure that no one, employer or fan, will be subjected to their scummy behavior again.

“These guys are wet fecal smears on the anal cavity of life. Let’s wipe them clean, flush them, and forget about them.”