For several months now, Deadmau5‘s live shows have been met with a consistent barrage of neon glowsticks from the hands of his loyal fan base, according to Youtube user FantasticalGamer. The phenomenon reached a new tipping point this weekend, however, when Deadmau5 decided to return fire while performing at Firefly music festival in Delaware.

As is customary, Deadmau5 ended his show with “Strobe” and a playful jaunt around the front of the stage. This weekend, he appeared from the side of the booth with fistfuls of glowsticks ready for throwing.

“Delaware: the glowstick capital of America.”

Watch the spectacle below, it really gets started around the 7-minute mark.

You can actually see his whole set below, as well, if you wish.

tracklist :
1. deadmau5 – Gula
2. deadmau5 – Avaritia
3. deadmau5 – Imaginary Friends (unreleased)
4. deadmau5 – Beneath With Me (VIP version / unreleased)
5. deadmau5 – FML
6. deadmau5 – Maths
7. deadmau5 – Maths (Cobra Effect Remix)
8. deadmau5 – Moar Ghosts N Stuff
9. deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff
10. deadmau5 – My Pet Coelacanth w/ The Longest Road (Acapella)
11. deadmau5 – Nvidia (unreleased)
12. deadmau5 – Terrors in My Head
13. deadmau5 – Terrors in My Head w/ The Veldt (Acapella)
14. deadmau5 – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)
15. deadmau5 – 4ware 01 (unreleased)
16. deadmau5 – No Problem (unreleased)
17. deadmau5 – Snowcone
18. deadmau5 – Strobe