While Kesha’s legal struggles with her label and Dr. Luke have been well-documented by the mainstream media, the entire affair took a turn towards EDM when Zedd graciously offered to help produce a song for her, and then brought her out at Coachella to perform a live version of an old Zedd single, “True Colors,” which they subsequently re-recorded and re-released as a new single.

Detroit-based, 19-year-old producer Nolan van Lith was probably one of many who took advantage of the shiny new set of vocals to try and produce themselves a bootleg, but with some oriental sounding chords and smooth vocal edits, Nolan stands out from the pack. The track starts slowly with piano chords before ramping up to speed and onto an explosive drop. Though the remix is over two months old, Trap Nation took it upon themselves to re-upload the single yesterday which just speaks to the quality of the remix.