Netsky’s III is already one of my favorite albums of the year – the fusion of pop and DnB is sure to piss off some DnB purists, as it already has, but I see it as the future of drum & bass in the international sphere. It’s especially great to see how drum & bass can bring different artists together, like Jauz and even Chromeo. Perhaps most surprising is the new “remix” of Netsky’s “Rio” by none other than Grammy award-winning rapper and vocalist Macklemore.

It’s tough to call this a remix, as Macklemore has just added a verse or two over the original beat, but this is actually a pretty huge moment in the history of DnB. Macklemore is a huge artist and his presence on a DnB track is definitely worth of mention in the larger scale of the genre.

Macklemore comes in at 1:28, so skip ahead if you want, sit back and chill to his easy listening rhymes.