Hello, world… It’s time to meet JOYRYDE.

You may have heard SkrillexRick Ross‘s new collaboration, which is trending across social media today. Entitled “Purple Lamborghini,” the pair’s contribution to the Suicide Squad soundtrack is one we’ve been anticipating for a while now. What you probably didn’t know about it, however, is that the viral collab is almost certainly inspired by one lesser-known DJ/producer who goes by the name of, you guessed it, JOYRYDE.

You’ve probably heard his previous work under the moniker Lets Be Friends, but now he has found his true forte with bass-fueled dance music madness. As described on his Facebook page:

“For best results, Install sub woofer in vehicle, Invite friends & Gas Pedal, Gas Pedal, Gas Pedal..”

One of his best tracks, and arguably his biggest, also happened to be one of the most viral music-posts of the past year for us here at Your EDM. It’s titled “Windows” and similarly features Rick Ross. While the track in its entirety is flawless from beginning to end, I want to direct your attention specifically to the 1:33 mark. His build and drop styling in this section are singularly unique to JOYRYDE, making him easily discernible from other producers. Check it out:

Now go ahead and listen to “Purple Lamborghini,” specifically at the 1:04 mark below.

Hear the similarities? Now, just listening to these two you could propose that Skrillex, being the talent he is, came up with this styling on his own. I would argue otherwise, and the proof is in the pudding…

We went back and listened to Skrillex’s original drop for “Purple Lamborghini” prior to release, and it definitely doesn’t sound like it does now. In fact, the JOYRYDE-sounding part is pretty much absent in this version which we initially reported on. Listen below:

Furthermore, in between the early version above and today’s release, Skrillex invited JOYRYDE onto his OWSLA Beats 1 radio show and there’s even video of them jamming out together to JOYRYDE’s track with Rick Ross, “Windows.” You can watch that below.

Now this article by no means is intended to discredit Skrillex; he’s still indisputably one of the most talented and passionate artists in EDM. It is instead meant to shine a spotlight on the burgeoning JOYRYDE, an underappreciated talent who we believe deserves some mention, at least from the media, for the influence he’s had on such a heavyweight taste-maker.

In closing, we highly recommend you check out more of JOYRYDE’s music on his flourishing SoundCloud here. Our other favorites include “HARI KARI” and his remix of Destructo‘s “4 Real.” You won’t be disappointed if you liked “Purple Lamborghini” or “Windows,” that much I can promise you.