It’s hard to describe Don Diablo’s set on the mainstage of EDC a little over a month ago as anything but stunning. Breaking boundaries between genres during his set, including three blazing DnB tracks toward the end, he managed to keep the audience enraptured during the whole proceedings.

However, one track in particular had the stream chat and the internet completely buzzing. At the time, we thought it was called “This Is What We Started,” though now, we know that the track is really just “What We Started,” with Steve Aoki, Lush & Simon, featuring BullySongs.

The track is nostalgic and fresh at the same time, a feat not easily accomplished by any producer. The fact that it hits both those points so on target is a good indicator of a timeless track by any standard, and we’re inclined to say that it will be. The vocals are absolutely on point, effortless and powerful. The production and songwriting themselves are worthy of praise from all involved, easily drawing out even the most stoic onto the dancefloor.


Image via Don Diablo