NVIDIA has just released episode three of their deadmau5 Project documentary and it’s a gamer’s wet dream, and then some.

This episode focuses on the final unboxing of deadmau5 completely customized gaming units, four of which are modeled after Zimmerman’s collection of supercars. Across the five personal computers NVIDIA designed for deadmau5, there are a total of 11 GTX 1080’s, which happen to be the gnarliest graphics cards ever created. Here’s what deadmau5 himself had to say about the Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab.

“The live stream lab is kind of a couple of things. One, it’s like an art piece, if you will. I know as vain as it sounds, but just showing off the product in some really cool cases and build quality. Like you know, having a fashion show, but a functional one, and a way fun one. The other is to showcase games and have fun interacting with fans, inviting guests and we’ll have a number of those over the next year or two.”