Instagram has been making moves to bolster their “Explore” function, in an effort to provide users a more personalized discovery platform. Now, Instagram is launching “Events,” a time-sensitive exploration feature that will pull content from the world’s concerts, sports, and other events based on user’s interests and followed accounts.

Media will be compiled from sourced from users who tag the video or photo with an event location, and any real-life event can become an Instagram Event, the only requirement is that its popularity and amount of content warrants a channel’s creation. So if enough people are stoked on the CP level 1500 Charizard frolicking behind the main stage, it might pop up in your feed.

And unlike Snapchat’s hand-selected Discover channels, Instagram’s new Event feature offers a more in-depth degree of classification, so users are more likely to be shown relevant content pertaining to their own interests. Still, it remains to be seen if this new addition will undercut Snapchat’s own features… but there’s no denying, they’re mighty similar.


H/T TechCrunch