As vaping continues to grip the nation, one company is providing a truly healthy alternative. Founded by Dr. Eric Fishman, MONQ is a portable aromatherapy diffuser that’s the perfect modern twist on an ancient wellness art.

MONQ boasts seven proprietary blends, comprised of organic essential oils and contain zero artificial chemicals, nicotine, or tobacco, with each blend targeted to achieve a particular effect. I tested the Zen and Vibrant blends, which, you guessed it, are aimed at making you channel inner peace and vibrancy. At first look, the diffusers share an uncanny semblance to disposable e-cigs, but because we’re dealing with aromatherapy, not nicotine, there are a variety of ways you can use the device.

Users have the option of gently inhaling like a standard e-cig, french inhaling, or simply putting the diffuser near the nose to smell the oils. It’s important to understand that the smell of the essential oils is what stimulates the olfactory sense to alter one’s mood. This is a key difference from vaping, where the point is to ingest a compound like nicotine. For MONQ to work properly, you simply need to smell the scent put off by the diffuser, so a massive inhale is totally unnecessary (unless that’s your thing, of course).

The LED at the end of the diffuser illuminates when breath is drawn through, and each blend features a distinct color, completing a mature, simple aesthetic. The device holds enough oil to last around 200 to 250 puffs, depending on the frequency and style of use. This typically amounts to around two weeks of use, but I haven’t taken massive puffs every time, so I’ve been able to prolong the magic for about a month.

The diffusers have a nice weight to them, while the look and feel comes across as modern and sleek. Both the Zen and Vibrant had a similar mouth feel and texture when inhaling the vapor, a lightly woody sensation lingering on the tongue after each use.


The Zen blend uses the essential oils of ylang-ylang for its soothing, stress fighting properties, orange for its uplifting and anxiolytic properties, and frankincense for promoting calmness, peace, and meditation. These three oils combine for a foresty flavor, and a scent that evokes images of a foothill monastery. It took a bit longer to notice any altering in mood, but that’s likely due to the “chill-out” factor of this particular blend.

The Vibrant blend incorporates the oils of lemon for its rejuvenating citrus, ginger for boosting concentration, and spearmint to offer a a restorative, inspiring hue to the day. It had a mildly sweeter flavor, with a hint of spice from the ginger, and the aroma seemed to take much quicker effect than the Zen, though that’s understandable considering Vibrant’s focus on energizing.


But does it work? Absolutely, just not as you would expect. There’s no noticeable change immediately after inhaling, rather, it’s a subtle shift. Almost like when you try to watch clouds change shapes, but you look down for a moment and suddenly notice they’re totally different… Yeah, that’s about how MONQ affects one’s mood.

Especially in the festival or club setting, when you’re in the middle of a heaving crowd of sweaty bodies, smoke, and who knows what else, having a little slice of aromatic bliss in your pocket can make a world of difference. The blends allow you to give others more sincere attention, concentrate on the moment, and prepare to get loose and ready to vibe. Also, if you live in a legalized marijuana state, MONQ can ease some common side-effects like anxiety or paranoia.

Both blends made an impact on listening to music, offering a subtly enhanced appreciation for arrangements, embellishments, and hidden gems, which all makes sense, right? If you’re in a good mood, everything is awesome, and that’s precisely the point! MONQ isn’t some magical cure-all, but it’s a natural path to letting your true colors shine through into the world.

At $20, the MONQ diffusers are on the pricier side of things, but if you find yourself experiencing anxiety, discomfort, or self-loathing all too frequently, then MONQ might be that extra kick to help you get through the day. Overall, my experience with MONQ therapeutic air has been a spectacular gateway into the world of aromatherapy, and the diffusers make the entire practice simple and portable. For more information on MONQ’s products, check out their official website.