The Music Video Sins channel (and all the related channels) make it a point to pick out every tiny minutiae in a video that could possible be picked on. Small continuity errors? Check. Even the smallest grievances about plot or relevance are nitpicked – of course, it’s all done in a pretty obviously satirical and over-the-top manners, but at least some of the points they pick out make sense.

In one of the most recent video from the channel, the creators chose to spotlight the “Purple Lamborghini” video from Skrillex & Rick Ross, featuring Jared Leto’s Joker. Everything from the skyline to the transportation in the video is critiqued, and within the first 5 seconds, there’s already a joke about Joker’s screentime in Suicide Squad.

Whether you liked the music video or not, Music Video Sins gets us thinking that there’s always room for improvement.