Kanye West just embarked on his Saint Pablo Tour, and it’s got fans freaking out. The result of over eight months of planning with the world’s best stage designers, and inspiration drawn from Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, The Rolling Stones, and Daft Punk, West’s latest endeavor is proving to be a cultural spectacle.

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In a recent interview with E!, Yeezy has opened up about the conceptualization of Saint Pablo and how it’s come to fruition. It’s not about watching the artist, but people interacting with friends and taking the reigns of their own contributions to the event. After opening for Bono, The Rolling Stones, and watching Michael Jackson perform, West has constructed a wholesome understanding of what it takes to put on an Earth-shattering show. Additionally, the interview is certainly one of the more composed moments we’ve seen from Kanye, and a truer reflection of the man’s artistry than his crazed online presence.

“I feel like this take on the future and the way it connects with music – I just feel like that’s the vibe.”

See videos of the stage & performance below.


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