It’s been two years since Big Gigantic released their last album, The Night Is Young, and their last one was released two years before that, and two years before that was their first album. So if nothing else, their release schedule is consistent. But their production continues to grow better with each and every release, and Brighter Future is undoubtedly their most ambitious project yet.

Whereas their other albums so far have featured very few vocalists, Brighter Future goes all in with a vocalist on nearly every track, including some big names like Waka Flocka, Rozes, Pell, Angela McCluskey, Logic, and even their good friends Cherub. The vocalists add another dimension to the album that was previously unreachable, and even sways the album a bit more toward hip hop – especially with Waka, Pell, and Logic.

One of the fans’ biggest criticisms of Big Gigantic is that their sets are essentially identical from show to show, and tour to tour. So hopefully this new material helps to add some variety to their sets. Check out Brighter Future below!