UPDATE: Maarten has been releasing music on his own since 2001. This track is not his first release under his own name.

Commonly referred to as “EDM’s favorite ghost producer” (mostly by us), Maarten Vorwerk has made a career out of being one of the most prolific music producers you’ve never heard of. You can find his sound behind the careers of many top DJs in the EDM industry, though you’ll never hear him say which ones explicitly. Still, the tides are changing, and so too is Vorwerk’s outlook. What with fellow ghost producer Niles Hollowell-Dhar, more commonly known as KSHMR, coming out and releasing his own album this year, Vorwerk felt it was time to put out his own music, as well.

Better yet, he says, if you follow him on Snapchat (@maartenvorwerk), you’ve already heard a preview of it.

He says he still needs to find a label for the production, but jokes that it’s “such a bad track that I couldn’t sell it.”

Keep an eye out for the first ever original Maarten Vorwerk production, hopefully coming out soon!