I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday – as I usually do – and saw a friend posting about how hard it was to secure premieres with blogs. I said, “Fuck that. I’m a friend and I write for a blog, let’s see what I can do to help.” He showed me “Bustin” and here we are, that simple.

However, it must be understood that I don’t premiere tracks for friends just by virtue of our friendship. If a track is bad, I’m not afraid to tell them so. Fortunately for Alexandre, I fell in love with this bouncy summer bass tune immediately and I’m going to be playing it at all my pool parties.

The simple and elegant production is perfect for those afternoon parties in the sun with friends and a drink in hand, swaying slightly or bouncing on the balls of your feet. Close your eyes and imagine it… you know I’m right.

Grab your free download here