The art of the music video is often lost in electronic music. The days of MTV actually showing music is long over, yes, but there’s still that satisfaction and awe from seeing your favorite song come to life in visual form – rather these days, it seems that nonsensical encounters and scantily clad women serve as fodder for the scene.

Not to be caught up in the monotony, Protohype has released a stunning and emotionally charged video for his track “Lights On” featuring Malcolm Anthony onĀ Firepower Records.

Though Protohype has made his mark on the touring circuit as a purveyor of hard beats, those who know his work know that he is just as capable of crafting incredibly complex and wholesome music.

In collaboration with Campsite Co. who created the video, Protohype tells a story of loss, hope, and despair. You might need to grab some tissues. Purchase the track here if you like it. Watch the video below:


Malcolm Anthony: