My Digital Enemy and Tink have just muscled their way onto Nothing Else Matters with a burning tune by the name of “Clocks.” The track is a rework of Tink’s “Around The Clock,” and features a daunting garage influence with a hint of modern bass house, embodying what Nigel Harding and Danny Howard’s budding imprint is all about.

Beginning with a grumbling rhythm and methodical keyboard progression, My Digital Enemy immediately throws down one of the more inspired house drops we’ve heard in a while. And Tink’s epic vocal performance is perfectly suited to the cavernous arrangement, tucking smokey lyrics in the track’s crevices, and even offering a subtle nod to Wu-Tang in the process.

Overall, “Clocks” is a harsh jam that’ll pull down that O-face and get you wobbling around the room in no time. Do yourself a favor and have a listen below.