This one’s been a long time coming, folks. Having heard this track subtly played out by some of the biggest names in bass music over the past few months, fans of producers QUIX and Boombox Cartel have been waiting anxiously for any information regarding the release of their collaboration. RL Grime, Baauer, What So Not and more included the highly anticipated trap drop in their sets to the awe of audiences around the world, gathering enough to hype to make it easily one of the most sought after IDs in bass music. But until today, all we had to go on was a single break from the full song.

Thankfully, “Supernatural” was finally released today in completion on Boombox Cartel’s Soundcloud via Mad Decent, featuring surprisingly beautiful vocal accompaniment by Canadian singer Anjulie. What we were given during live sets has turned out to be only one small piece of the track’s wide range of diverse sections and styles, from trap to future bass to haunting vocal interludes.

It begins with foreboding percussion hits that release into a squealing synth build, before Anjulie’s vocals take over the space. Shimmering, atmospheric pads and high-pitched chops combine with an aggressive clap series to lead into the rise, eventually exploding into an array of simple and deadly metallic wipes. Unbelievable sub bass and countless percussion strikes echo alongside the main melody, before its lowered and switched around for a second pass. The elements are stripped away, giving room for melancholy piano chords to lend themselves to another Anjulie section. This time, after the climb, the track pushes into a rippling future bass arena complete with anthemic, sustained notes and euphoric vocal cuts.

Listen below to the song we’ve all been clamoring for, and click the link underneath to purchase your copy.

Click here to download “Supernatural” now!